Capital Projects

Each year the District adopts an Annual Operating and Capital Improvement Budget through an open and transparent process.  This process carefully analyzes the District’s capital needs and financial resources so that necessary projects can be prioritized in a fiscally responsible way.

The Capital Project process identifies long-term and short-term capital improvements including fixed assets, land acquisitions, building improvements, reservoirs, wells, pump stations, pipes, machinery, vehicles, and field and office equipment.  The selection criteria are based on a variety of methods as follows:

  • Field observation;
  • Historical maintenance data; and
  • As recommended by adopted master plans, other related planning documents, and regulatory requirements. 

The District serves to ensure the quality, quantity & reliability of the water supply in a cost effective manner.  The Capital Improvement Process has been developed to meet these goals.  Please contact the Capital Project Coordinator at 909-483-7450 for more information. 

For more information of the latest capital improvement & construction projects, please refer to the exhibits below.