Monthly Billing

Billy-Carmen CSCVWD is changing to monthly billing this summer, and we are excited to offer this higher level of service to customers. 

Benefits include:  

  • Customers can budget for their customer billing statements more easily, on a monthly basis.
  • Monthly billing will help to identify potential leaks or excessive use sooner, reducing water waste and higher bills.
  • Customers will receive important information from CVWD every 30 days, instead of 60 days.

What Customers Need to Know:

  • As part of the monthly billing transition, CVWD is reorganizing the schedule in which we bill. During this time, customers may receive a billing statement that is out of their normal billing cycle. 
  •  During this transition, customer billing statements can range from 20 days of service to 70 days of service. All tiers and service charges will be pro-rated according to the number of days in your billing cycle. 
  • During this transition, the content of the customer billing statement may be slightly modified.
  • Beginning this summer, customers will start receiving 12 customer billing statements a year instead of six.
  • The current base charges of the customer billing statement will be half of what they are for the current bi-monthly billing statement. (see below)

MB Image

Current Base Charges Will be Cut in Half